Marumo; Belated Birthday Dinner

For my birthday this year I decided to have dinner at the highly coveted Marumo. I have wanted to go for about a year now, but getting a booking proves to be a mean feat in itself. As soon as the online bookings opened, my fiancé and I frantically refreshed the website and after many attempts we were lucky enough to get a spot [for two months later]!

Upon arriving at Marumo the place was smaller than I expected and was quite cosy; the interior was very humble and quaint. And of course, even on a Thursday night, the place was fully booked.



Marumo only offer a seven-course Omakase (Chef’s Selection) menu, with each seating lasting approximately three hours. The dishes are Japanese-influenced with a traditional yet modern twist.

Squid Salad

After a short wait, a complimentary amuse buche was served; a cold squid salad with a lovely pickled flavour which definitely kick started the taste buds in anticipation of the dishes to come.

Yellowfin Tuna & Fig

Yellowfin Tuna & Fig

Our next course came soon after. The tuna was dressed with a light vinaigrette which went well with the slices of fresh figs.

Soba, Zucchini & Bonito Flakes

From here on in, the dishes increased in size and proportion. The soba noodles were cooked al dente alongside a crispy, battered zucchini slice, served with a salty soy-based broth.

Pacific Oyster, Tofu & Enoki

It seemed like the same broth was used in this next dish, which I found a tiny bit too salty. The silkiness of the tofu was complimented with the crunch from the battered oyster. There were thin slices of enoki mushroom floating in the broth, but I would have preferred the flavour of the enoki to be infused into the broth.

Chef’s Selection of Sashimi

The sashimi dish featured kingfish, salmon belly and Hokkaido scallops; the delicate flavours were enhanced with a kick from the grated wasabi. My favourite was definitely the scallop which was so silky and sweet. All the seafood was fresh and melted in your mouth.

Tasmanian Salmon Belly Sushi

Inside the sushi was tempura prawn, with torched salmon belly and tobiko on top. It was the perfect combination of smokey, sweet and salty, with crunch and softness. I know this is a pretty big statement to make, but it was one of the best sushis I have ever eaten and I could have happily devoured another plate!

Orange Sorbet

Before our final savoury dish was served, we were presented with a palate cleanser of orange sorbet. It was full of orange flavour with a good mix of sweet and sour tones and was the perfect texture.

Beef Tenderloin & Corn Croquette

I am quite fussy with my beef.. I absolutely hate it when beef is tough and the ever slightest bit chewy. But this beef was cooked perfectly and was so tender and moist. The croquette was crumbed and crispy on the outside, with a light and creamy corn filling. When all the elements of the dish were eaten in one mouthful, it was amazing; this dish was another winner!

Yuzu, Apple & Black Sesame

Dessert served for the night was simple but delicious. The black sesame parfait was creamy with grains of black sesame throughout. The citrusy flavour of the yuzu balanced the sweetness of the parfait.

By the end of all the courses I was definitely full. For only $55 per person, you definitely get good value for money! I am SO ecstatic that I finally dined at Marumo – it definitely lives up to it’s hype!
22 / 145 Stirling Hwy Nedlands WA 6009

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 7pm – 10.30pm

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