The DON Burgers; Friday Feeding Frenzy

Last Friday night, my fiancé and I went to The DON Burgers for a post-gym feed. Although I had made a booking for 7pm, we had to wait for a few minutes upon our arrival. However, we were told we would be the next ones seated as soon as a table was available. People who came without a booking were subject to the ticket waiting system.

After a few minutes, the maître d’ called out “Maddison”, my fiancé asked if he meant “Melissa” but he was quick to brush us off and abruptly said “no” and continued to go down the queue calling out “Maddison”. With no luck, he returned back to the restaurant and proceeded to seat another couple who had a ticket. So my fiancé asked the maître d’ again and mentioned we had a booking under Melissa for two people. Finally, he realised that he was actually looking for us.

The atmosphere inside was a bit chaotic, as there were people scrambling everywhere in a small space. Once seated, we looked over the menu and quickly decided what to order as there was a line of people waiting at the register to order and pay. While waiting for our food, there was a couple of girls who were leaning against our table while chatting [it would be nice if people waiting for a table waited outside, like the majority of people]. There was a slight wait on the food, as the place was booked to full capacity and there were only about three waiters. But I never mind waiting for good food!

Corn Crunch Chicken Bites – Served with sweet chilli herb sauce ($6)

For starters we had the corn crunch chicken bites. They were super crunchy on the outside, but soft and moist on the inside and the sweet chilli herb sauce was the perfect accompaniment.

Super Ninja – Karaage chicken, tomato, lettuce, yuzu-mayo, bacon, egg ($12)

My choice was the Super Ninja ramen burger. Between the ramen buns, there was a generous slab of karaage chicken which was well-seasoned, succulent and delicious. The egg was runny in the centre which made it messy to eat, and I would have preferred the bacon to be crispier. As personal preference, this dish was missing a sweet element; it would have been better served with a sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce, or even just some sweet chilli which would have complimented the yuzu-mayo.

Bao Trio: Sang Choi Bao’s Bao – beef mice, basil, bean sprout, lettuce in a bao • Crispy Chicken Bao – crispy chicken, slaw, yuzu-mayo • Char Sui Bao – slow cooked BBQ pork belly, salad, coriander ($15)

First we started with the sang choi bao; the beef was lightly spiced and the lettuce provided a contrast of freshness. However, I found the beef to be a little bit too salty. The bao was light and fluffy.
Next we had the crispy chicken; the flavours were really similar to the Super Ninja ramen burger, but with slaw instead.
My favourite was the char sui bao which had a piece of slow cooked pork inside, it was moreish and melted in the mouth.

Matcha Latte ($4.50)

I really enjoyed the matcha latte.. probably the best one I have had in Perth! I find that most matcha lattes leave a powdery after taste, or the flavour isn’t strong enough. But this one was on point!

Matcha Green Tea Crepe Cake ($9)

If you follow The DON Burgers on Instagram, you would know how popular their crepe cakes are. People came just to take-away these babies. We were lucky enough to snag the last piece, as a table had ordered two and returned one. Layers of crepes were stacked with green tea pastry cream creating a light and soft cake. I would have liked the green tea flavour to be a bit stronger, but I loved this dessert regardless.

The DON Burgers

1 Leonard Street, Victoria Park WA 6100

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Friday: 5pm – 9pm

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