Mary Street Bakery; There’s Something About Mary

I arrived at Mary Street Bakery a little after 12pm for a Sunday girl’s lunch. By day, Mary Street Bakery is a bustling brunch spot with an appetising counter full of baked goods. We had a group of four people and had to wait approximately half an hour before we were seated.

Reading through the menu, there were only a few dishes that caught my eye. I had been here about a year ago and noticed the menu hadn’t really changed.. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping to try something new, exciting and inventive and definitely didn’t want to order the same dishes again.

Mescal Cured Salmon, Slow Egg, Avocado, Jalapeño, Lime, Toast ($23)

I ended up picking the salmon dish as a process of elimination. When the dish arrived to the table, the first thing I noticed was how aesthetically pleasing it presented; vibrant colours from the fresh produce, plated on a beautiful rustic plate! However in terms of flavours, the dish tasted like something you could easily make yourself at home.. there was nothing exciting or inventive. Salmon paired with eggs, avocado and toast; clean and classic flavour combinations that have been tried and trusted many times over.

Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Pancake, Peanuts, Maple, Chilli, Fried Egg ($22)

My friend ordered the pancake with fried chicken and was getting too full mid-way of finishing the dish. So, like any good friend would do, I kindly helped her polish it off.  The buttermilk pancake was rustic and thick with a fluffy interior. I have to say, the fried chicken was reminiscent of KFC, but a slightly more refined version which wasn’t as greasy. The saltiness from the chicken was countered by the sweetness from the maple. I tried this dish on my last visit, which was the only reason I didn’t order it for myself.

Salted Caramel Doughnut ($4.50)

Everybody always raves about how good the salted caramel doughnuts are.. so I just had to take one away for an afternoon treat. I loved that there was a generous amount of filling inside; the salted caramel just oozed out as soon as you took the first bite! It was the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Will definitely be back to try more of Mary Street Bakery’s baked goods.. but I hope that the brunch menu will have new offerings next time!

Mary Street Bakery
507 Beaufort St, Highgate WA 6003

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday: 7am – 4pm

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