Chu Bakery; I Love Chu!

Chu Bakery is the new kid on the pastry block. Although they have only been open for about a month, they are knocking it out of the park with their perfect pastries. Expect to find freshly baked loaves alongside sweet treats: cake slices, tarts, doughnuts, croissants, canellés and more.

A few weeks after the grand opening, my fiancé and I finally headed down to try some Chu goodies for ourselves. We arrived at 8.30am in hopes of beating the crowd.. however, it appears that everyone else had the same idea as the place was packed. Its small space serves up to a takeaway crowd with benches outside to wait or stop and eat your goodies.

There were an array of croissants on the counter, but only two types of cake. Before stepping foot in the bakery, I already knew exactly which cakes I wanted to try [thanks to Instagram], so I was disappointed to see the slim pickings. We were informed by staff the eclairs would be ready by 9am and the puffs by 10am. I had my heart set on trying the matcha puff.. so we had no choice but to come back later (dessert dedication right there!). We went back home with a croissant and a cake, and ran some wedding errands before returning.


Second time lucky! By 10.15am, I was ecstatic to see the cabinet full of sweet treats. We hastily joined the line as the numbers were slowly dwindling, while the line was continuously growing. Luckily we had already secured a croissant earlier, as the vast majority had sold out.


Wait time between when we ordered and paid to the time the cakes were boxed up and handed over was a little bit ridiculous – we waited half an hour!! A better system definitely needs to be in place.. I would have been utterly disappointed if my money was taken, to find out later that something I had already ordered and paid for had sold out. I’ll be honest and say that I was slightly annoyed at having to wait so long.. but with my boxed goodies in hand, it was all soon forgotten.

Kaya Coconut Croissant

Kaya Coconut Croissant – twice baked croissant w/ coconut filling & kaya jam ($5.20)

Delicious, buttery, flakey layers of croissant nestled with a thick layer of kaya jam and coconut filling, sprinkled with toasted almonds on top; hands down the best croissant I have ever eaten in Perth! A beautiful golden outer layer which was perfectly crisp, yet soft and flakey inside.. and the combination of kaya jam and desiccated coconut was to die for!


Fraisier – Chu Bakery’s take on the French classic. lady finger sponge with w/ mousseline cream & fresh strawberry jelly ($7.50)

Layers of delicate mousseline cream with a decadent strawberry jelly centre, sandwiched between two pieces of fluffy sponge cake. This cake was oh-so-soft and light, almost like eating a delicious strawberry-filled cloud.

I loved the different textural elements of the eclair; light and airy hazelnut praline filling, chewy choux pastry with decadent, glossy and slightly gooey chocolate ganache and crunch from the toasted hazelnuts.

Strawberries & Cream Tart

Strawberries & Cream Tart – tart shell w/ vanilla bean pastry cream, fresh strawberries & chantilly cream ($5.50)

Pastry heaven; pillowy cream with lashings of smooth vanilla bean cream, topped with slices of fresh strawberries and encased in a short, buttery pastry. The tartness from the strawberries cuts through the creamy elements and the pastry is on point.

The choux pastry had a slightly crusty and chewy outer with a fluffy interior. But the matcha chantilly filling was all the rave for me; it was so rich and creamy yet it felt very light all at the same time. A geniously crafted little block of yuzu jelly delivers an extra punch of tangy flavour.

Chu Bakery seems more intent on refinement rather than reinventing the wheel; simple, elegant flavours perfected to a tee! Everything looked immaculate and all the flavours were well-balanced and not overly sweet. It is safe to say I want to try everything that Chu has to offer.. I will definitely be coming back for more!

Chu Bakery
498 William Street, Highgate WA 6003

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday: 7am – 4pm

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