Little Matcha Girl; Little Girl In A Big World

My love for matcha is one that never fades.. something I never tire of, something that I always look forward to. So when I first discovered a few months ago on Instagram that Little Matcha Girl would be opening its doors, I was extremely excited. I waited for the perfect opportunity to visit as I wanted to avoid the crowds.. I wanted to sit and enjoy my treats, rather than boxing them up and taking them home.

While my husband and I were on wedding leave, we decided it was the perfect opportunity to pay Little Matcha Girl a visit. Coincidentally, it also happened to be his birthday.. you don’t need an excuse to eat cake on your birthday, and anytime is a good time for dessert!

We arrived at about 11am on a Wednesday morning, with only a handful of customers in the store.

The decor is simple, clean and minimalistic with a theme of white and oak. I loved the touch of the paper cranes in shades of green and yellow floating on the ceiling. In a little corner of the shop, there is a shelf stocked with loose leaf Japanese teas, matcha and coffee beans which you can purchase and take home.

Freshly baked pastries welcome you in rows near the entrance, housed in a glass cabinet. The pastries on offer are reflective of signature Japanese flavours, complemented by French culinary techniques.  While the big pastry world of Perth has a long list of amazing contenders, there are only a small handful that specialise in Japanese flavours.. so I could not wait to sample Little Matcha Girl’s offerings.

Iced Matcha Latte ($6)

The Iced Matcha Latte was smooth and slightly bitter, while maintaining a delicate, sweet aftertaste. The matcha flavour was definitely pronounced but still refrained from being overbearing or rich.

Orange-Yuzu Tart: orange & yuzu curd, sweet shortcrust pastry, torched meringue ($8)

Tangy orange-yuzu curd generously topped a crumbling, melt-in-your-mouth shortcrust pastry which was just perfect. The sweetness from the torched meringue balanced the citrus and sourness from the orange-yuzu curd. And the fresh, unique yuzu flavour could still be tasted through the orange notes.

Matcha Éclair: green tea crème pâtissière, choux pastry, roasted rice ($7.50)

What let down the éclair was the choux pastry; the shell was too crunchy and the inner layers of the pastry were a bit stale and chewy. There was also a lack of green tea filling, with only a thin smear within the éclair, thus missing that matcha hit. Although, I did enjoy the addition of the roasted rice providing a textural element to the dish. I guess having high hopes and expectations left me thoroughly disappointed.

Raspberry-Lychee Gâteau: raspberry mousse, lychee gel, vanilla sponge, raspberry crumble, dry meringue ($10.50)

A sweet and sour raspberry mousse layered on top of a slice of cloud-like vanilla sponge, topped with a delicate layer of lychee gel. Although the raspberry mousse was light and airy, the raspberry flavour dominated to the point where I could barely taste any hint of lychee. I did enjoy the amount of sweetness in this dish, and the lightness of the gâteau.

Overall, I was happy with some dishes while being disappointed by others.  There is definitely a niche market in Perth for desserts with a focus on signature Japanese flavours. While I did enjoy the Japanese flavours, I think the flavour combinations need to be perfected and balanced, and the individual elements of each dish needs to be refined and mastered.

Little Matcha Girl is worth a try for anyone who loves Japanese-inspired desserts. I would be interested in going back in a couple of months to see what other exciting, creative things they have in store.

Little Matcha Girl
4/10 Preston street, Como WA 6152

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 7am – 3pm
Saturday: 8am – 3pm
Sunday: 8am – 2pm

Little Matcha Girl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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