Night Noodle Markets; The Perfect Evening in Perth

Good Food Month were hosting a competition for the “Perfect Evening In Perth” which consisted of dinner at the Night Noodle Markets, followed by a movie at the Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema. I had been dying to go back to the markets so entered the competition as it was easy enough as tagging a friend you would like to go with. My husband also entered and obviously we tagged each other.. cos that’s what married couples do right?

I will be the first to admit that I enter a ridiculous amount of competitions/giveaways just to try my luck.. who knows maybe today will be my lucky day – or so I keep telling myself.. but I never ever win anything. That statement still holds true.. but to our surprise, my husband was picked as one of the lucky winners – I was ridiculously excited and in pure disbelief!


So on the last day of the Night Noodle Markets, we headed down to Elizabeth Quay. I grabbed a table for the two of us, while my husband went to the information desk to claim our prize. The organisers were running late and we had to wait almost half an hour before we could start buying food.. I was pretty anxious that all the good stuff would be selling out fast. But our luck continued.

We were given six $10 vouchers and a free cup of cider. Winners are grinners; we were pretty stoked with our prize!


Sticky Piggy Bao: Pulled Pork Shoulder, Szechuan Plum Sauce, Asian Slaw ($7)

Lucky Chan’s pulled pork bao was a little bit disappointing. Although the bao was soft and fluffy, the pork was a tad dry and there was barely any sauce.. I couldn’t even taste a hint of the szechuan plum sauce.


Professor Kwok’s Korean Fried Chicken Wings ($10)

Apple Daily‘s juicy, tender chicken wings were finger-lickingly good; I loved the tangy, sweet and sour sticky glaze.


Peking Duck Fries ($15) + Trifecta ($20)

Bao Stop was a favourite amongst the crowd and I could see why with these mouth-watering offerings. A creative twist on the traditional peking duck, replacing the “pancake” wrap with fries was ingenious. Would have loved a little bit more duck and hoisin sauce (or maybe I am just being greedy).

The delectable trio of baos consisted of the following:

  • Pork belly with hoisin sauce, roasted peanuts, fresh coriander, pickled mustard greens and Taiwanese mayonnaise
  • Fried chicken with chilli mayo, carrot and spring onion
  • Pecking duck with hoisin sauce, cucumber and spring onion

Sakura Burger: Ramen Fried Chicken, Sakura Glazed Bun, Japanese Curry Sauce ($15)

Everybody Loves Ramen‘s bun was glazed in an eye-popping pink sakura icing which was a little bit too sweet for my liking. The  juicy, crispy chicken was a perfect match with the Japanese curry and kewpie mayo. A hint of freshness came through from the seaweed salad. It was served in a mini bucket filled with miso butter popcorn.


Chilli Crab Slider: Battered Soft Shell Crab, Egg Chiffon Chilli Sauce, Coriander, Peanut, Chilli, Fried Bao ($14)

Pasar Malam‘s chilli crab slider was definitely our favourite savoury dish of the night. To sum it up, it was deep fried goodness! The soft shell crab had a light, crispy batter and the combination of sweet chilli sauce and peanuts was delicious.. and to top it off, that deep fried bao – YUM!


Strawberry Watermelon Cake: Almond Dacquoise, Fresh Cream, Watermelon, Strawberries, Pistachios & Rose Petals ($9)

One of my food dreams has always been to try Black Star Pastry‘s famed strawberry watermelon cake.. so as soon as I discovered that they were coming to the Night Noodle Markets, I knew I just had to go to cross it off my bucket list. One word to describe the strawberry watermelon cake; heaven! Ethereally light with the perfect amount of sweetness. Words cannot even describe how good it really is.. the flavour combinations and textures are amazing. Oh. My. God. It definitely lives up to its hype and sits up there with one of the best cakes I have ever eaten!

After the feasting was over, we quickly walked over to the Ben & Jerry’s Open Air Cinema to watch Hail, Caesar! Free, unlimited Ben & Jerry’s was served between 4pm to 7pm.. and although we were pretty full from dinner, who is crazy enough to say no to free ice cream?!

Thank you Good Food Month & Perth Open Air Cinema for the Perfect Evening In Perth and an awesome date night!


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