Pachi Pachi; Clap Clap

Pachi Pachi is a modern Asian cafe which serves fusion cuisine, mixing asian influences down under. There are not a a lot of restaurants in Perth that serve Asian inspired breakfast or brunch, so I was looking forward to trying it out.


Taro latte ($4)

To start we decided to try something different and ordered the taro latte. Although it was smooth and creamy, the taro flavour could have been more pronounced.


A.K.A. the egg slut ($14)

When you see a dish on a menu that contains the word “slut” how could you not be intrigued and have a little chuckle to yourself? A slight twist on the classic eggs on toast, it consisted of coddled egg and warm potato cream poached, served with toasted soldiers. The salad on the side was a nice little addition which brought freshness to the dish.


Salted egg & chicken congee (rice gruel) ($14)

Reminiscent of my childhood, I had to try the congee.. my mom always cooked it for me every winter and I have not found one that tasted better. It had all the familiar elements of shredded chicken, chinese donut, coriander and spring onion.. it was just missing a dab of chilli. The congee itself was a good consistency but lacked a bit of flavour.


Eggs benedict with pulled yakinuku beef brisket & housemade hollandaise ($18.50)

Another play on a classic pulled beef brisket, I loved the addition of the yakiniku sauce which coated the beef and added an element of sweetness. The beef was so tender and the poached eggs were cooked perfectly. I also appreciated the generous splash of hollandaise sauce which was enough to cover every bite. This dish was definitely our favourite out of all the mains.

Have I told you by now how much I love matcha? This dish was pretty much the reason I had to come to Pachi Pachi and it definitely did not disappoint. Various elements of matcha were incorporated: matcha ice cream, matcha crumble and matcha sauce to drizzle on top. Paired with sweet red bean and fresh strawberries to balance the slightly bitter edge from the matcha – it was perfect! The egg waffles provided a crispy and chewy textural element and were just delicious. Unlike a lot of other matcha desserts I have tried, this one was definitely packed full of matcha flavour which made me ever so happy!

The term “pachi pachi” is an onomatopoeic Japanese phrase that denotes the sound of hands clapping. A round of applause for having one of the best matcha desserts I have had in Perth, and for successfully incorporating Asian influences in all the dishes.

Pachi Pachi
608 Albany Highway, Victoria Park 6100 WA

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 11am – 2pm,  5pm-9pm
Saturday to Sunday: 8am – 2pm,  5pm-9pm

Pachi Pachi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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